Change Management and How It Works?

Change management is composed of techniques, processes, as well as tools used to manage the people side of change and is critical to achieving the desired goals and outcomes of the business. Implementing new technologies, designing a new work environment, and creating new organizations can only flourish to its full potential if the people are aligned with the organizational goals. The success of any changing organization depends on the individuals who embrace change. Change management involves helping employees adopt and utilize the change in their day to day routine. This side of management can be described as both competency and process.   

A leader’s ability to effectively lead the employees through change is what we call competent leasdership. Competent leadership plays a critical role in the successful implementation of change and inherits the competency in all the ranks of the organization. The process of change management according to Lewin’s model, is composed of three steps; unfreezing, changing, and freezing.

  • The unfreezing process involves the behavioral and organizational preparation of change. The process focuses on the readiness, assessment, and formulation of strategies to bring change. It involves the mental and physical preparation of people to adopt change.
  • The change process is the step where change is implemeneted. This step involves the adaptation of changed procedures and working environments where change management plans are integrated into the project.
  • The freezing process is the solidification of change. This step involves the reinforcement of change and dissolution of any resistance from people to change.

As a simple basis model for  an explanation of change management, Lewin’s model provides a clear three step process for change. Though the strategy for change requires indepth steps, principles and practices, applying these minimum three steps can provide a outline for implementing change and help an organization towards their goal for change.

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