Change Management in New Global Environment

Change management focuses on strategies, and approaches to support and prepare people, organizations, and teams to bring organizational change. Living in a modern society, we are facing a rapidly changing global and business environment. Innovations and technologies can lead to a change in the working environment. Applying change management principles is a key component to any directional shift is crucial to an organization’s success and survival in a continuously evolving, highly competitive business environment.

There are many theories and approaches mentioned in academics literature and articles that propose different models and solutions to implementing change. However, there is a contradiction between real-time strategies and those mentioned in literature. Most of the theories in literature were defined during the late 20th century and they lack empirical evidence and practical implications that align with current society. In the modern society, the formulation of hybrid strategies can lead to successfully implementing change. 

By studying different cases of change management at global organizations, the main problem in the implementation of change is the resistance by people. Often times people resist any change in their working conditions and are not accepting of change very easily. Understanding human psychology is very important aspect in bringing change into any organization. People are unlikely to adopt change even they are facing hard times, regardless of the expected results of change. However, people are able to view themselves within the change model, they will likely be willing to adopt to change. Understanding the underlying issue beneath the resistance is one step developing a framework for implementing change. Therefore, to implement change, it is necessary to apply psychological stragetggy, to help moviate people towards change, and highlight the benefits of adopting change.  Applying this strategy as part of the hybrid method, can lead to successfully implementing change.

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