Implementing Change in Challenging Environments

As the world has been impacted with COVID-19, many companies have been forced to make unexpected, swift changes within their organization at a rapid speed. Though change is a good thing, it’s the manner in which we handle and implement change that heavily determines the affect and realization of said change. Therefore, the need for change agents and their ability to help pivot an organizational change has greatly increased.

As change agents, our goal is to cultivate, equip and provide support change and the people who are impacted by the change; therefore, understanding the need of the organization is vitally important as it is key to bringing about the outcome of change. However, the understanding of the roles of change agents are also a key component to helping an organization shift.

Change agents are not just the practitioners (those who cultivate, equip and support), but can include managers, those in leadership who sponsor the change, those managing the project of change and the people that are impacted by the change. Each individual has a role to play as a change agent in order for the adoption of change to take place and the understanding how your role influences the success of change is necessary, especially when holding a people-facing role.

When being tasked to be part of change, you hold a level of responsibility, especially in a people-facing role as it can steer the outcome of change positively or negatively. Holding this type of role requires your ability to lead change by example. This means you should be and early adopter, someone who not only communicates the change, but embraces the change. This act helps to encourage employees and encourages others who are open to change to stand out and participate. It also helps to set the tone and create a positive environment for change to grow.

Change agents help to pivot and bring change into reality. Though change can start with one individual, it needs a multitude for true impact. Therefore, having a community of change agents to help steer and implement change during times of volatility and uncertainty will help to increase the potential for transformational change.

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